It is typical for an artist to make a statement concerning his own art. Most of these statements are vapid excuses that attempt to explain why the artist made a certain series of smeary messes or some such rot. This statement will concern itself with other subject matter.

Artists have varying reasons for creating their artwork, and do so with various degrees of success. I make art for two reasons, one is simply to make money, and the other is to challenge myself by creating projects that are difficult to accomplish. Money is necessary to pursue the fun things in life and the necessities. I chose to do commercial art part-time to make money, and it worked well as a strategy, as I no longer have to work. I am left with my other goal, to challenge myself by creating technical problems that are beyond my limited abilities as a painter and try to paint them. My paintings mean nothing in the long run, other than the portraits, which are friends and pets. Looking for meaning in my work is a mistake. Unlike most artists, I don't think my art makes me any kind of spokesman or wiser than the local garbageman. The idea that artists, musicians or sports heroes are to be listened to is wrong. They don't know any more than you do. My comments that accompany the work are merely musings, not wisdom.

Although I find others' art work interesting or well accomplished at times, I have little interest in being involved in the "Art World". I do not go to museums or art shows, unless the artwork is by a personal friend. I really do not want to be influenced by trends, others' ideas, and don't really give a rat's ass about art as a whole. It is simply something I do because I feel like it. I do not feel that there is anything noble, compelling or essential about modern art and since the camera was invented, I think non-commercial artists are really fairly useless, unless one considers entertainment "useful". Commercial artists are nearly useless, and usually boring, but very well paid. Before the camera, artists provided an essential service by chronicling contemporary events that became history as we know it. Now, for the most part, art is basically a vessel for self-importance and something people can feel validates their existence. I don't need to be validated. I need good waves to ride. I need trails to bike, and I need my wife to be healthy and happy.

I do have goals in my art. Each image should be a perfect composition, have a unique color scheme and be well-made. The image elements, for the most part, are props to define and solve the technical goals for myself. Each piece is an attempt to advance my technique and challenge my abilities to use the materials. I make things as hard as possible, and as such, are little fun to make. Making art pieces should be work, not fun. I want to be masterful in every medium of two dimensional representation, wet, dry and digital. The pieces are the slag from my self-imposed art lessons. Whether they are wonderful or sucky is yours to decide, but in the end, there is only one way to "vote" for my art, buy it or don't. If it isn't good enough for you to buy, it is worthless. Viewing this site, is of course, free, and your comments are invited and valued.

This doesn't mean that you won't find these images so endearing that you will spontaneously spend your kid's college money to buy one. If you choose to buy something, I promise to spend the money on something fun and not a penny on necessities. I would half-like a Ferarri, I guess, but the truth is, if everything on the site sold at top price, it would not be enough to buy a house above Sewer Peak, my favorite surf spot. If someone bought all of the oil paintings on the site, I could buy a Ferarri, but not a rare classic one. Sucks. This situation is not improved by the truth of the matter, after you're gone, your kids would probably sell any piece you bought at a yard sale, yielding only enough money for a ski lift ticket and a weeks' cigarettes.

I made a big mistake in not being a scientist, my abilities lie much more in the analytical than the creative. That can't be changed now, but I am married to a scientist, and I get to read her books. I'll continue to try to make better paintings, better surfboards, and stay creative.